Lauren is still a uni student in one of the local university.She is the perfect combination of exotic, curvy, passionate and mischievous young lady. 

Feast on her gorgeous boobs you could simply bury yourself in it.Just imagine enjoying her as you  gaze  deep  into  her  sparkling  eyes  as  she

tosses back that mane of rich glossy hair as she gently moans your  name! Passion  is  her  middle  name  and  you  will  feel  so  relaxed  in  her 

company you will feel able to ask her anything.Do you want her as  your  submissive  young  girl?  Maybe  teach  her  a  lesson  with  a  spanking 

for not keeping her schoolgirl outfit neat and tidy! The range of scenarios and attention to detail  she  can  offer  is  unlimited. This  arts  student is very creative.